Ikzelf aan het werk in Quiraing (c) Foto Bart Heirweg

About Ief

My name is Ief De Laender and live in Belgium. To me, photography is a passion and an ideal method of relaxation. Although I never received an education in photography, I do attempt to expand my knowledge and experience. I’m mostly interested in landscapes, from coast to city, cityscapes, streetscapes included and architectural photography.

The true-to-life photos I make as optimally as possible in the field and to keep post-processing to a minimum. I use Adobe Lightroom in combination with Fujifilm as camera equipment.

For my edits I always use the Fuji Film Simulations such as Provia / std, Astia / soft, Pro Neg std and others.

My most liked photographers quote:
“Which of the photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow”
– Imogen Cunningham

In Short

  • Name: Ief De Laender
  • Photography: land- city- and streetscapes
  • Born: March 13,1973
  • Country: Belgium
  • City: Eeklo
  • Region: Meetjesland
  • Camera system: Fujifilm

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